Creativity in Action Project

We train women and children in sewing, quilting, beadwork, and the making of crafts and jewelry. We are in the process of organizing a small business training course with Themba Tshabalala to teach participants how to make money from their crafts.

This project is led by the Gogos, Mirriam Thabale and Sylvia Sechwaro, who have been with Glenys for 16 years.

Digital Bridges Education Project

This project makes use of the rapid developments in technology to transform the educational experience and outcomes for students in schools struggling to provide a proper curriculum with the rising costs of materials. The project is a partnership between Summit College and The Basa Tutorial Institute made possible through equipment donations from BCS Group and Cannon West Rand. Summit College has provided computers and accredited lesson plans, teacher's guides and daily lessons in Maths, English, Science and Life Skills for Grades 1-12, enabling Basa to provide a top tier curriculum for their students. We are building a model that can work for struggling schools all over South Africa.

Xivono Productions Youth Project

Our youth group consists of over 30 participants and meets five days a week to produce stage plays, street theatre, dance competitions and school events. Using their creativity, they send positive messages and lead public information campaigns on topics such as fire prevention, domestic abuse, and equality in the workplace.
Simon Maringa and Silas Murudu serve as Xivono’s leaders.

Seeds of Love Garden

Our on-site garden produces vegetables for our commercial kitchen that feeds students at the school and crèche on our campus, as well as members of the community on ARVs or TB medications. The volunteers who tend the garden learn the skills necessary for self-sustainability, and are given a share of the harvest.

The responsibility for this project is shared between three full-time gardeners who have been with Zizanani from the start.

Wounded Healers

Zizanani’s founder Glenys Van Halter personally conducts one-on-one counseling for girls and women victimized by rape and abuse. She estimates having counseled over 1000 girls and women. Additionally, Glenys has established places of safety and rescued children from prostitution. She was trained by The Teddy Bear Clinic and has been working in Diepsloot for over 17 years.


Glenys Van Halter mentors counselors and conducts counseling

Woolworth's Fresh Food Rescue Partnership

When food on Woolworths’ shelves reaches its Best-by date, it is removed and donated to the nutritionally vulnerable in the Informal communities, in particular to families in crisis. Over ten years, with the aid of volunteers who have given their time, fuel and mileage several days a week, we have donated almost 14 million rand worth of food.

We are in need of refrigeration to better preserve the food before delivery.

Sports in Action

We are currently launching a soccer programme with Saturday morning games that are targeted mainly to teens. Participating in sports leads to physical and social development and increased self-esteem.

This project is led by Lisa Buschek.

HIV/AIDS Response

This group that meets once a week has entry through referral only to protect confidentiality. In the next phase, we will launch a public awareness campaign to prevent the spread of the HIV virus and reduce or eliminate the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS in Diepsloot.

Glenn Goodell heads this project.